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Never Such Innocence Again - A Black Fox Production - Wesley Memorial Church - November 10th at 7:30pm

A chronicle of the progress of the Great War as told in song, poetry, dance and narration by the Black Fox, a community group from Wheatley, and the Oxford Morris Men. The presentation emphasises the ties between the rural community of Wheatley and the city of Oxford.  We are privileged to be able to perform this production in the magnificient space of the Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford.

Included in the performance are excerpts of interviews made in 1983 of villagers who were at the primary school in 1916. The cast includes descendants of these villagers.  This is offset by the poetry of Siegried Sassoon who was hospitalised in New College, Edward Thomas and Philip Larkin.  These poems have been set to music.  Other songs are a mixture of original pieces from Mick Jones's many community plays and other familiar ones.

The links to Wheatley are demonstrated by a song originally performed in Wheatley in 1984 in the first production of The Soldiers Have Taken Our Horses Away. This song is now performed by singers who were then at Wheatley Primary School.  One family in this production is represented by three generations. 

The links to Oxford are shown through the Morris dancing representing Cecil Sharpe's demonstration side as they would have danced in 1914. Of this side of seven dancers five lost their lives during the Battle of the Somme, including the composer George Butterworth.  His arrangement of The Banks of Green Willow is included in the performance.  As the band shifts from music as originally scored for classical instruments to modern electric instruments so the morris dancers morph from representing an all male side of 1914 to a modern mixed side.

No admission charge, donations welcome.  All profits to Oxford Cruse Bereavement Care. 


FIO Extra: Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness at The Northwall Arts Centre - Saturday Oct 27th @ 8pm

Alan Bearman Music presents
Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness
Acclaimed Scottish folk musician Alasdair Roberts joins brazen-faced sonic provocateur Amble Skuse and keyboard wizard David McGuinness in an exciting new collaboration, What News.
Recorded by Neil McDermott at the University of Glasgow Recital Room, mixed with Calum Malcolm, mastered by Sam Smith and released on the Drag City label in Spring 2018, What News finds the trio delivering surprising, moving and idiosyncratic versions of eight traditional Scottish ballads, arranged for voice, piano and electronics.
“So many intricate ideas here, so beautifully done” ★★★★ The Guardian
Tickets: £14 (concessions £12)
Box Office: 01865 319450
Book Online:

Northern Flyway

Northern Flyway

Friday 21 Sep 2018


£14.50, Concs £12.40

Spindrift Productions presents Northern Flyway.

A musical journey exploring the connection between people and birds. Northern Flyway delves into the ecology, folklore and symbolism of birds and birdsong, offering an intense and visceral audio-visual experience, set against a lush evocative skyscape of bird images.

Inge Thomson and Jenny Sturgeon are joined by singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow) and phenomenal vocal sculptor Jason Singh.

Together they draw on the extensive field recordings of musician, composer and birdsong expert Magnus Robb, creating a multi dimensional and magically immersive performance, combining vocal and instrumental composition with sonic experimentation into the nature and rhythms of birdsong.

Resonating throughout the piece are themes of migration, both human and avian, the cyclical nature of the seasons and humanity’s relationship with nature.


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