A one-day course for music professionals who are interested in working within Special Educational Needs and Disability settings, suitable for any genre or instrument. The course aim is for participants to gain an understanding of how music can be used to support communication and interaction for children with SEN/D, and to feel confident planning and leading musical activities in SEN/D settings.

Venue: Folk Arts Oxford, 17a Crawley Mill, Witney, OX29 9TJ
Date: 25th September 2018 
Cost: £120 including lunch

Research suggests that musical ability is innate in all of us; even children who struggle to engage or communicate verbally can react in amazing ways to a musical experience. You don’t need to be a Music Therapist to work with children and adults with Special Needs - you just need to have patience, compassion, and an ability to react to your environment.

This course will take you through the basics of working in SEN/D; from communication basics, and using your instrument as a multi-sensory experience, to understanding how to take the lead from the participants, and planning a range of activities. You’ll also learn a few useful Makaton signs - a communication system often used in SEN/D settings.

Course Topics:

An introduction to communicating with Makaton
Using simple songs to support learning outcomes
Music as a sensory experience
Taking your lead from the participants
How to pitch the difficulty level
Planning a session

This is a one day course with lunch included.

For more information and booking please see https://fao.yapsody.com/event/index/252541/taking-music-in-to-send-settings


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