Making Tracks

Since 2010, Making Tracks has brought world-class and diverse music from all corners of the globe to a network of top venues throughout the UK.   

Re-launching this year, Making Tracks’ ambitious new model brings together emerging artists from around the world to celebrate unique musical traditions, initiate new collaborations and contribute towards a global network of socially and environmentally-engaged musicians.

Part of a UK tour, this concert will feature solo and collaborative performances from each of Making Tracks’ 2019 Fellows:
  Louise Bichan (Orcadian fiddler, Scotland),
  Rapasa Otieno (nyatiti and obokano player, Kenya),
  Barbora Xu (kantele and guzheng player, Czech Republic),
  Luna Silva (vocalist, France/UK/Spain),
  Melisa Yildirim (kamancha spiked fiddle player, Turkey),
  Katariin Raska (Estonian bagpipe, mouth harp, saxophone).

Performance: November 4th @ 7.30pm
Tickets: £16 (concessions £14)
Book now:

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