Owlswick Morris is a busy, friendly and relaxed group. They perform Cotswold morris, step clog, Appalachian clog and rapper sword dances. They are based at Twyford near Buckingham and Bicester, but are to be found dancing throughout the summer at pubs and events in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, and further afield as well. Here is an update on the group's year so far: "Owlswick Morris is in its 30th year and we have been having a wonderful year so far!  After a gap of some (in fact, far too many) years, the side returned to Owlswick on May Day this year.  Having started May Day at 5.30am at the Rollright Stones, we finished up, 12 hours later, dancing outside what used to be The Shoulder of Mutton, now long since closed and turned into a private house.  It was at this pub that group used to practice in the early days.  An impressive number of villagers came out to watch and we were all treated to refreshments - delicious cake, home made apple juice and, guess what, rather nice beer too! Other highlights of this season have been dancing at Folk Weekend Oxford where we found ourselves being photographed with Greenpeace's polar bear and a visit to Alsace to join our friends Ferrette Morris for their Three Countries Tour (France, Germany and Switzerland).  We still have lots more pubs to visit this year summer, and we will be at Sidmouth FolkWeek (to busk on the Esplanade on the Sunday) and we are hosting the dancing at the Three Horseshoes on the Saturday 24th August of Towersey Festival.  Come and join us for an evening or an afternoon one day and help us mark our 30th anniversary year in style." For more details of the group’s activities and how to join if you would like to, contact www.owlswickmorris.org.uk

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