Kerry Fletcher - Chris Green - Naragonia

This is the busiest Oxfolk will have ever been in July!  We've carried on dancing through the summer, and here our the latest events, which are happening on Zoom.

Sat 11th July, 7pm - Chris Green's Switched-On Playford with caller Bob Morgan
Chris Green (Renaissance cittern and keyboards) spends much of his musical life in folk, theatre and early music. If you've watched series 1 and 2 of BBC TV's Poldark you'll have heard him playing in the posh dance scenes. With Switched-On Playford he reimagines and revoices 17th-century English country dance music for the 21st century. Chris takes tunes from John Playford’s English Dancing Master and uses a blend of electronic, modern and early instruments to create music that is vibrant and new but also deeply rooted in and respectful of its source. Caller Bob Morgan has a broad repertoire of Playford, ceilidh and contra dances. He's great at adapting and explaing, and he'll be making sure that there's something for everyone.

Sun 19th July - Bal basics workshop and bal with Naragonia
Kerry Fletcher will teach you some of the dances that best fit the music of Naragonia. This style of folk dancing comes mainly from France, but is danced all over Europe. You have a chance for you to learn or recap dances like scottish, mazurka, bourrée and gavotte. Kerry's enthusiasm and love of these dances shines through all her teaching, making her probably the most popular folk dance teacher around. She's a great communicator and makes sure that everyone enjoys the dancing. Live music for the workshop is provided by bagpipe, whistle and sax player Chris Walshaw (MoltenAmba, Climax Ceilidh Band).

Naragonia is a Belgian duo, Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo, who play the most sublime and delicious feast of music for your dancing and listening pleasure. Their music ranges from intimate and delicate to voluptuous and passionate and is pervaded by a timeless and steady energy. You won’t want to miss a single note. They frequently top the bill at festivals throughout Europe and have a devoted following. Toon plays diatonic accordion, bagpipes and sax. Pascale plays diatonic accordion and fiddle.

All our events happen online in Zoom, and if you want to know how that works in Zoom have a look at this video
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