An English ceilidh is an evening of high-energy dancing, similar to barn dancing or country dancing. The music is always live and loud and the dancing is often fast and furious. Ceilidhs are tremendous fun - but they are hard work, so prepare to leave hot and sweaty!

In Oxfordshire there are two regular ceilidh series - Oxfolk (dances held in Kennington), White Horse Ceilidhs (based in Grove) - and there's also Red Ceilidh, occasional dances just on the edge of Oxford. Just over the border in Bucks are Haddenham Ceilidhs. Ceilidhs are usually held every month (sometimes every two months) throughout most of the year, usually on a Saturday night. They are open to the public, and suitable for any age group and ability. There is usually a bar, which will almost certainly serve real ale as well as other types of alcohol and soft drinks.

The ceilidhs are all run by volunteers, and more help is always appreciated, so if you're interested in getting involved do go and speak to someone at the ceilidh, or contact them via their website.

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For Scottish ceilidhs please see the Scottish dance section. For Irish ceili - if you can find any in Oxfordshire please let us know and we'll happily add it!

If you're interested in learning to call for ceilidhs, have a look at Cat's Calling Academy.