One-off ceilidhs

Folk Weekend Fundraiser Ceilidh 21st November

Folk Weekend are delighted to announce that a whole new band has formed for the express purpose of this Folk Weekend fundraiser ceilidh! The all-star Oxford Nags will be joined by the ever youthful and very kind Aidan Hansell to call the dances, and the interval song spot will be provided by Folk Weekend patron, the captivating Jackie Oates.

The Oxford Nags is a four piece ceilidh band based around Oxfordshire and a bit of Hampshire. They play stonking English tunes for stonking English dance. 

Nina Hansell (PolkaWorks, The Bismarcks) has been playing the fiddle and English traditional music for more than 30 years and is deeply committed to traditional dance, through morris, clog and providing music for other dancers. She delights audiences with her passion for playing bouncy English tunes – not only do the audience feel the need to dance, she does too; in fact she can't not.

Sandy Shallis is a melodeon player from Adderbury. She plays for folk and local ceilidh bands including Tinker's Ditch, and her local ladies morris side. She recently teamed up with Tim Howes and won Best Folk Duo at the Chipping Norton Music Festival. John Kirkpatrick described their performance as outstanding. Sandy keeps her melodeon-arm muscles in shape by pulling pints in The Bell, Adderbury, which she manages with courtesy and aplomb. 

Andy Turner plays anglo-concertina with Oxfordshire dance band Geckoes, and with the concert band Magpie Lane. He is a very experienced dance musician, having been playing for ceilidhs, barn dances and morris for over 35 years. Andy gets tunes out of an Anglo concertina that aren't there. He is a lot older than he looks.

Gareth Kiddier (many, many bands) sits in the corner and plays the piano, and generally does what he's told.


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